Monday, 18 February 2013

The angry birds will never miss again!

Master Quadratic Equations so that the angry birds will never miss again!

Download Geogebra file here.

The projective of the angry bird is known as a p_________________. It can be modeled by the general quadratic equation y = ______________________________. Completing the square allows us to use an alternate form of the quadratic equation to model the same projectile.

Activity 1

·            Check the checkbox “Show y = ax^2+bx+c”.

·            Move the slide with value a to change its value.
Hint: You can use the left and right arrow keys to change its value by 0.1 at one time.

·            Change the values of a, b and c to match the project of the curve to destroy the bad piggies.
Hint: You may use tab or shift-tab to toggle between the slider controls forth and back and use the left or right arrow keys to change the values by 0.1 at one time.

Questions for Activity 1
1.     Is it easy to get a perfect projectile to destroy the bad piggies?

2.     What are the values of a, b and c for your best estimate?

Activity 2

·            Check the checkbox “Show y = 0.5(x-h)^2+k”.

·            Move the slides with value h and k to change their values to match the projectile of the curve to destroy the bad piggies.

Questions for Activity 2
3.     What are the values of h and k for your best estimate?

4.     Comparing the 2 equations you have in activity 1 and 2:
(a) Are they the same?
(b) How do you change from one form to another?

For more exploration activity, refer to Ace-learning site and navigate to
Explorative Activity -> Graphs -> Sketch of Quadratic Function Graphs I: y = ±(x-a)(x-b)

Monday, 7 January 2013

Lesson 2 08012013

  • Maths Rep for S2-02: Chee En Cheston
  • Mathematics Competition training for SMO:
    • Number of session: 15 Weeks
    • Day and duration: Saturday, 1.5 hour
    • To indicate interest by Friday 11/01/2013 5 pm
  • GCP for Mathematics
  • Class contact list
  • Submission of mugshot:
    • use existing image or take one with photo booth
    • name the image 2013_S202_name(XX).jpg
    • upload to drive shared folder (if encounter technical difficulties, email to Mr Ang)
  • Quick Revision
    • Terms used in algebra
      • term (n)
      • degree (n)
      • variable (n)
      • constant (n)
      • factorise (v)
      • expand (v)
  • Diagnostic Test

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Intro to 2013

Welcome to an exciting year 2013
Success comes with adequate preparation and as a start do take note of the following.

1. Know your Syllabus for 2013.
    Elementary Mathematics 4016 (SEAB site)
    Additional Mathematics 4038 (SEAB site)

2. Right Resources.
    SST Maths Notes (Sec 2 Term 1)
    Calculator (with approved SST seal)
    SST Foolscap paper and graph papers (for assignments)
    ICT Resources (Class Maths Blog, ACE Learning, graphing tools etc)
    Create a folder in your LD labelled "Math 2013" for storage of files used for Math

3. Assessment for 2013
    Term 1 (Week 8)   Level Test 1 + Authentic Assessment         10% + 10%
    Term 2 (Week 7)  Common Test 1                                            20%
    Term 3 (Week 8)   Level Test 2 + Authentic Assessment         10% + 10%
    Term 4 (Week 3)  End of Year Summative Assessment          40%
4. Diagnostic Test will be conducted as Follows:
    Beginning of new topic
       - to assess prerequisite knowledge and linkages to new knowledge
    End of topic
       - to assess level of understanding and competency

5. Daily learning and monitoring platforms
    Class work -  in the form of activities and practice questions
    Assignment - to be done on SST foolscap papers
    All classwork to be completed within designated time

6. Character is Destiny
    Your destiny should begin with your daily routines
    A.   Aware Socially (we are after all living in a gregarious community)
    W.  Work quality must be good
    E.   Enthusiastic in class
    S.   Self-Awareness and Self-Control
    O.   One Class, One SST - We work in teams
    M.   Meet all deadlines
    E.   Encourage one another